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Industrial Equipments & General Tools
Latest Offers : Chin Chin Cut.. - CHI , Betts Butterf.. - CHI , Light pole ma.. - CHI , Whiteness Meter - CHI , dead weight t.. - UAE , steel pipes a.. - CHI , CNC wheel - CHI , electrodes - IND , HSS THREADING.. - IND , Laser gyro - RUS , Milwaukee But.. - CHI , Tensile Teste.. - IND , Computer Base.. - IND , Melt Flow Ind.. - IND , Perforated Sh.. - IND , Multi Head CN.. - CHI , CNC Flame Cut.. - CHI , Steel folding.. - CHI , water Flow Me.. - IND , Vipeak Symons.. - CHI

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Industrial Equipments & Tools Surplus Stocks
» abrupt pull tester (economical) (hd-8891)
» accelerator type yjq
» aga laser cutting machines
» aging oven (hd-102d)
» aging oven (hd-103a)
» aging oven (hd-103c)
» air breather
» aluminium cutting machine
» aseptic transfer
» bending machine
» betts butterfly valves
» bevel helical and helical gearbox
» bogie-hearth furnace with full fiber lining
» brass valves
» breaking capacity tester (hd-ll-2)
» c r coil astm-a- 336
» capsule polishing brushes
» cardan shaft
» casing-head
» charge discharge machine
» chin chin cutting machine
» cnc flame cutting machine
» cnc wheel
» component seal as-r37g
» computer based tensile testing machine
» dead weight tester
» desktop cnc plasma cutting machine
» dies
» easy cut
» econosto butterfly valves
» electrodes
» electronic tensile tester (hd-50s)
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Industrial Equipments & Tools Surplus Stocks
Offer ID: 794214

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Chin Chin Cutting Machine
This automatic Nigerian chin chin making machine or dough cube cutter machine| sakkarpara or namak para making machine is used for pressing and cutting paste to small pieces and the thickness and size of finished product can be adjusted....Details
Price : $1.00 ~ $1000.00 Per Unit
FOB - zhengzhou
Min. Order : 1 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

henan gelgoog company    
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Offer ID: 332468

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Betts Butterfly Valves
we A&S Actuator Company could supply you with Betts Butterfly Valves...Details
Price : $1.00 ~ $100.00 Per Set
FOB - shanghai
Min. Order : 1 Set
Payment Term : T/T

a&s actuator co., ltd.    
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Light pole machines-Welding machine
This machine is one part of light pole production line.It can weld diameters from 60-550 mm poles. It adopted submerged arc welding. Welcome to visit our factory and send your inquire to us....Details
Price : $30000.00 ~ $50000.00 Per Unit
FOB - Shanghai,China
Min. Order : 1 Unit
Payment Term : T/T

jiangsu tewei machine tool manufacturing co.,ltd    
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Offer ID: 421117

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Whiteness meter
English language Simple operation inteface Simple operation Hight accuracy Applicable for cases with whiteness concerned...Details
Price : $1780.00 ~ $1980.00 Per Unit
FOB - Guangzhou
Min. Order : 1 Unit
Payment Term : Western Union

guangzhou ubon electronics co.,ltd    
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Offer ID: 304536

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dead weight tester
Dead weight tester is a calibration instrument...Details
United Arab Emirates
Price : $3950.00 ~ $4000.00 Per Piece
FOB - delhi
Min. Order : 4000 Piece
Payment Term : L/C

asw projects    
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steel pipes and fittings
Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe...Details
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FOB - Tianjin
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chengdu derbo steel co.,ltd    
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CNC wheel
We can product and design the wheel specification exactly according to the customers' requirement...Details
Price : $10.00 ~ $100.00 Per Piece
Min. Order : 1 Piece
Payment Term : T/T

hi-tech superabrasives tool co. ltd    
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Offer ID: 249165

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electrodes for all ms n ss welding...Details
Price : $55.00 ~ $50.00 Per Pack
FOB - phagwara
Min. Order : 1 Ton
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mahavir metals    
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Price : $223.99 ~ $224.99 Per Pair
FOB - Ludhiana
Min. Order : 10 Pair
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nbeson tools international    
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Laser gyro
KM-11-1A MAZ543M Chassis...Details
Price : $ Per Unit
FOB - Moscow
Min. Order : 1 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

tosenwgona co., ltd    
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  Industrial Equipments & Tools Surplus Stocks  
Product Name Price Country Company Date Contact & Details
chin chin cutting .. $1.00 China henan gelgoog company 05-Jan-2020
betts butterfly va.. $1.00 China a&s actuator co., ltd. 18-Apr-2014
light pole machine.. $30,000.00 China jiangsu tewei machine tool m.. 25-Mar-2014
whiteness meter $1,780.00 China guangzhou ubon electronics c.. 26-Feb-2014
dead weight tester $3,950.00 United Arab Emirates asw projects 30-Sep-2013
steel pipes and fi.. $650.00 China chengdu derbo steel co.,ltd 07-Sep-2013
cnc wheel $10.00 China hi-tech superabrasives tool .. 22-Aug-2013
electrodes $55.00 India mahavir metals 20-Jul-2013
hss threading taps.. $223.99 India nbeson tools international 29-Jun-2013
laser gyro   Russia tosenwgona co., ltd 15-Jul-2014
milwaukee butterfl..   China a&s actuator co., ltd. 18-Apr-2014
tensile tester dig..   India presto stantest private limi.. 16-Jan-2013
computer based ten..   India presto stantest private limi.. 16-Jan-2013
melt flow index ne..   India presto stantest private limi.. 16-Jan-2013
perforated sheet   India hmbwiremesh 16-Dec-2012
multi head cnc fla..   China changzhou huaqiang welding a.. 14-Aug-2012
cnc flame cutting ..   China changzhou huaqiang welding a.. 14-Aug-2012
steel folding step..   China hl king industry co.,ltd 26-Mar-2012
water flow meter   India iota flow systems pvt ltd. 22-Nov-2011
vipeak symons cone..   China vipeak heavy industry machiery 09-Nov-2011
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