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Animal Products
Latest Offers : ox gallstone .. - CHI , Frozen fish, .. - BEN , Cow , ox gall.. - CAM , soybean meal - IND , cattle feed - IND , Sunflower mil.. - GRE , guar gum, gua.. - IND , fish oil - TOG , rock salt - PAK , sheep butter - TUR , chucl roll - MEX , meat (mutton,.. - SEN , Hog maw and t.. - AUS

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Other Animal Products
» 7 liters recycled paper cat litter
» astro 320 gps + 1 dc 40 collar
» bird feeder
» bone meal (hts 2301.10.10)
» cashew nut
» cattle bone 3/8",5/8",3/16"
» cattle gallstone
» crushed hooves and horns
» dry bran
» fish meal
» goat head skins and skins
» ox gallstone / cattle gallstone / cow gallstone
» raw cultured mother of pearl (mop) shell
» scallop shells
» sheep casing for sausage industries
» sheep casings
» snail
» soya beans meal and others meals
» universal animal and poultry bedding medium
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Other Animal Products
Offer ID: 785230

Similar Offers
ox gallstone / cattle gallstone / cow gallstone
we buy ox/ cattle /cow gallstone of the gallbladder, 50-100 KG/month , prefer to make deal in China Mainland and Hong Kong, the supplier can contact me....Details
Price : $10.00 ~ $35.00 Per Gram
EXW - shenzhen / guangzhou / Hongkong
Min. Order : 100 Kilogram
Payment Term : T/T

shenzhen ox-gallstone importing ltd    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 777618

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Frozen fish, beef, shrimps, and Snail
Frozen foods , meat, fish, confectionaries , etc...Details
Price : $10.00 ~ $99.00 Per Unit
EXW - Coronou Seaport
Min. Order : 100000 Unit
Payment Term : T/T

mega power enterprises    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 555221

Similar Offers
Cow , ox gallstones
We are reliable suppliers of Cow Ox Gallstones. We have long term experience in the field of Bezoar.Our product is obtained from well treated and disease free cattle.We can supply 50kgs on monthly basis.We do prompt delivery with 3 working days by air cou...Details
Price : $10.00 ~ $12.00 Per Unit
Min. Order : 5 Kilogram
Payment Term : L/C

khalid gall home    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 511072

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soybean meal
protein contains 46% Indian Origin...Details
Price : $550.00 ~ $560.00 Per Metric Ton
EXW - mumbai
Min. Order : 10000 Metric Ton
Payment Term : L/C

pushpak export services    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 323857

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cattle feed
cattle feed ...Details
Price : $337.00 ~ $340.00 Per Ton
EXW - jamakhandi
Min. Order : 30 Ton
Payment Term : L/C

nandi industries    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 183046

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Sunflower mill cake
Sunflower mill cake Animal food...Details
Price : $180.00 ~ $299.00 Per Metric Ton
Min. Order : 800 Metric Ton
Payment Term : L/C

mac carthy's & associates ltd    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 133356

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guar gum, guar meal, guar korma, guar split
guar gum, guar meal, guar korma, guar split...Details
Price : $30.00 ~ $50.00 Per Unit
Min. Order : 20 Metric Ton
Payment Term : L/C

harsh and comapany    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 108626

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fish oil
fish oil...Details
Price : $435.00 ~ $440.00 Per Ton
EXW - lome sea port
Min. Order : 20 Ton
Payment Term : T/T

togogic exporters co plc    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 105502

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rock salt
rock salt...Details
Price : $1.40 ~ $1.60 Per Unit
Min. Order : 2 Unit
Payment Term : T/T

alazeem enterprises    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 453514

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sheep butter
sheep butter needed...Details
Price : $ Per Unit
Min. Order :
Payment Term : L/C

tatbak gida    
Standard Member    
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  Other Animal Products  
Product Name Price Country Company Date Contact & Details
ox gallstone / Cat.. $10.00 China shenzhen ox-gallstone import.. 02-Aug-2018
Frozen fish, beef,.. $10.00 Benin mega power enterprises 25-Feb-2018
Cow , ox gallstones $10.00 Cameroon khalid gall home 01-Aug-2014
soybean meal $550.00 India pushpak export services 06-Jul-2014
cattle feed $337.00 India nandi industries 27-Oct-2013
Sunflower mill cake $180.00 Greece mac carthy's & associates ltd 02-Mar-2013
guar gum, guar mea.. $30.00 India harsh and comapany 08-Aug-2012
fish oil $435.00 Togo togogic exporters co plc 14-Jun-2012
rock salt $1.40 Pakistan alazeem enterprises 06-Jun-2012
Quality Grade A Pr..   China rangel’s a7 24-Apr-2019
Quality Chicken fe..   China rangel’s a7 24-Apr-2019
Frozen Chicken/Chi..   China rangel’s a7 23-Apr-2019
palm kernel shell   Malaysia scientrade minerals resources 15-Apr-2019
Quail eggs fresh/f..   United States (USA) lta general trading llc 05-Mar-2019
beef meat in cases   Afghanistan tta company 20-Feb-2019
Beef carcass   Turkey akuaneta trade co ltd sti 03-Feb-2019
RAW CULTURED MOTHE..   Brazil blue stars imp exp 04-Jan-2019
HALAL FROZEN CHICK..   Pakistan ats international 29-Dec-2018
Wheat Bran Only at..   Zimbabwe leezop enterprises 18-Dec-2018
bone meal (hTS 230..   Benin jumbo 12-Dec-2018
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