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Agents, Broker & Distributors Services
» additive agent
» agent
» agent for air filter
» agent for aircondition
» agent for aluminum
» agent for antiques
» agent for art paper
» agent for auto accessories
» agent for bags
» agent for bathroom fittings
» agent for brass fittings
» agent for cables wires
» agent for castings and forgings
» agent for chandeliers
» agent for collectabes
» agent for consumer electronics
» agent for cordless power tools
» agent for cosmetics
» agent for cylinder liners
» agent for digital cameras
» agent for digital lock
» agent for disney item
» agent for dolls
» agent for electrical lamps
» agent for electronic ballast
» agent for energy savers
» agent for facial mask
» agent for filter bags
» agent for floor coverings
» agent for food and beverages
» agent for football
» agent for fruit
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Agents, Broker & Distributors Services
Offer ID: 308997

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business services
Zgt International Foreign Trade and Industrial Services , Service Provider ,Tourism , Trans , Translation & Printing co. Are you in need of a company for the business to Turkey? ...Details
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Min. Order : 1 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

zgt international trade    
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We wish to introduce our company "NICHOTECH GLOBAL LINK" to you. It's a marketing firm that had been in business for years and will be glad to associate with your reputable Organization being your company's sells representative here in West Africa...Details
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Gateway 2 Arab Markets Are you willing to expand abroad and enter Arab markets ? Don't worry , It's easy , just drop me a message with comprehensive information of your company , products , business type , and website....Details
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tetra packed coconut having self life of 8 months....Details
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titanium dioxide
titanium dioxide rutile and anatase...Details
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FOB - Tianjin, China
Min. Order : 20 Ton
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beijing mountains tiancheng chemical company    
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  Agents, Broker & Distributors Services  
Product Name Price Country Company Date Contact & Details
business services $100.00 Turkey zgt international trade 02-Feb-2014
goods and services $50.00 Nigeria nchotech global link 23-Nov-2013
bearing, gears, co.. $0.50 China newrichy mechanical transmis.. 18-Sep-2013
business support s.. $1,000.00 Jordan general trading and services 13-Jun-2013
tender coconut water $0.50 India webb distribution network 29-Apr-2013
real states $50.00 Costa Rica property solutionsc.c.r. 01-Nov-2012
financial services $10.00 India mannar 12-Jul-2012
your gateway to ar.. $1,000.00 Russia general trading and services 13-Apr-2012
sblc bg l/c mtn $12.00 United Kingdom atonline corporate finance. 19-Sep-2011
titanium dioxide $500.00 China beijing mountains tiancheng .. 15-Aug-2011
agents,broker & di..   China samykoil 03-Aug-2014
import brokers and..   Togo ets jimex international comp.. 30-May-2014
purchasing, transp..   China bester trading solutions 26-Dec-2013
transportation-vnt..   Vietnam vnt-lgostics (vietnam) 24-Nov-2013
financial instrument   United States (USA) hegde finance 13-Oct-2013
consultancy services   Burkina Faso falco 18-May-2013
world wide logisti..   China shenzhen taizhou ind dev co... 07-Mar-2013
agent   Cameroon ewan and son ltd 14-Mar-2012
project manager   China myofficeinchina 07-Mar-2012
electric   Russia ooo analog 09-Feb-2012
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