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Latest Offers : macarony maki.. - SUD , Crude Palm Oil - NEP , a4 70gsm paper - IND , neoprene dipp.. - PAK , Zoom 80g - MOR , Paper OINP ON.. - SOUTH K , BLCO - UK , Newziland App.. - IND , Cow , ox gall.. - CAM , carpet bags - TUR

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Offer ID: 572552

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macarony making machine line
we need machine making macaroni line with packing...Details
International Price : $30000.00 ~ $35000.00 Per Unit
EXW - taiwan
Min. Order : 1 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

speed cargo    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 564624

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crude palm oil
Crude Palm Oil...Details
International Price : $600.00 ~ $620.00 Per Ton
FOB - any
Min. Order : 100 Ton
Payment Term : L/C

monaj trading house    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 563107

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a4 70gsm paper
a4 70gsm paper...Details
International Price : $1.00 ~ $1.40 Per Unit
CIF - mundra port india
Min. Order : 7800 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

yash treading    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 562594

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neoprene dipping belt
neoprene dipping belt...Details
International Price : $6.00 ~ $7.00 Per Unit
FOB - sialkot
Min. Order : 200 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

hm yousaf industrie    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 562182

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zoom 80g
We are searching to buy a contener of A4 paper Laser "Zoom" 80g to be delivered to Morocco/Casablanca city ZineInfo...Details
International Price : $0.70 ~ $1.00 Per Unit
EXW - Casablanca
Min. Order : 7800 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

zine info    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 558004

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paper oinp onp yellow pages
We looking OINP, ONP, Yellow pages, paper stock lots and sheet. if have then contact us soon. www gbworldtradecoltd com...Details
South Korea
International Price : $150.00 ~ $300.00 Per Ton
EXW - Inceon / Karachi
Min. Order : 40 Container
Payment Term : T/T

gb world trade co. ltd    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 557768

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for information and description please contact
United Kingdom
International Price : $99.00 ~ $125.00 Per Barrel
CIF - any port
Min. Order : 2000000 Barrel
Payment Term : T/T

hclerald limited    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 556403

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newziland apples
Newziland red apples...Details
International Price : $0.50 ~ $1.00 Per Unit
CIF - New Delhi
Min. Order : 1000 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

orbit petrochemicals    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 555221

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cow , ox gallstones
We are reliable suppliers of Cow Ox Gallstones. We have long term experience in the field of Bezoar.Our product is obtained from well treated and disease free cattle.We can supply 50kgs on monthly basis.We do prompt delivery with 3 working days by air cou...Details
International Price : $10.00 ~ $12.00 Per Unit
Min. Order : 5 Kilogram
Payment Term : L/C

khalid gall home    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 554837

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carpet bags
l can make all the hand made bags . all ı can take the order too...Details
International Price : $60.00 ~ $200.00 Per Piece
EXW - istanbul
Min. Order : 5 Piece
Payment Term : Western Union

carpet hand made kilim bags    
Standard Member    
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Product Name Price Country Company Date Contact & Details
macarony making ma.. $30,000.00 Sudan speed cargo 18-Aug-2014
crude palm oil $600.00 Nepal monaj trading house 13-Aug-2014
a4 70gsm paper $1.00 India yash treading 11-Aug-2014
neoprene dipping b.. $6.00 Pakistan hm yousaf industrie 10-Aug-2014
zoom 80g $0.70 Morocco zine info 09-Aug-2014
paper oinp onp yel.. $150.00 South Korea gb world trade co. ltd 03-Aug-2014
blco $99.00 United Kingdom hclerald limited 02-Aug-2014
newziland apples $0.50 India orbit petrochemicals 02-Aug-2014
cow , ox gallstones $10.00 Cameroon khalid gall home 31-Jul-2014
carpet bags $60.00 Turkey carpet hand made kilim bags 31-Jul-2014
coconut powder $190.00 Cameroon khalid mahmoud 30-Jul-2014
coconut $1.00 India km international 29-Jul-2014
aluminium ubc scrap $200.00 India riam exims 27-Jul-2014
telecommunications $100.00 Germany condolezza harvey import and.. 24-Jul-2014
network cable $1.00 Ghana hopeforlife 24-Jul-2014
vhp raw brown sugar $400.00 Malaysia macphil brands inc 23-Jul-2014
farming $10.00 Paraguay kay farms ltd 22-Jul-2014
mamy poko nappies $0.05 Australia gold dragon 20-Jul-2014
shoes $10.00 United States (USA) bruce trading inc 20-Jul-2014
machines $100.00 Virgin Islands mahgran investments 20-Jul-2014
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