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Agriculture & Food
Latest Offers : Sawn Timber a.. - LIB , teak wood and.. - LAO , kosso wood - NIGE , TECK - IVO , BROWN WOOD PE.. - CAM , saw wood sizes - IND , Acacia Mangium - VIE , LOGS AND SAWN.. - TOG , MAHOGANY AND .. - PHI , Pine Logs - K.. - CAM , Teak Logs - GHA , balau round log - VIE , Yellow balau .. - VIE , iroko - CAM , mahogany - CAM , BOBINGA - CAM , padoak - CAM , Hardwood Logs.. - SOU , Certified Woods - SPA , braziliam woods - BRA

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Timber, Wood, Logs, Pallets
» acacia lumber
» acacia mangium
» acacia mangium square logs
» acacia tree logs
» acacia wood logs
» africa logs
» african sandalwood
» agarwood
» appalachian hardwood logs
» ash bur
» aspen pulp logs
» australian radiata pine logs
» ayous
» azobe
» balau round log
» balsa-wood
» beech logs
» beech lumber
» best bubiga for sale
» blackwood
» boards
» bobinga
» braziliam woods
» brown wood pellets
» bubinga logs
» burmese teak
» cain wood
» canada wood log
» canadian hardwood
» cedar wood
» certified woods
» chestnut logs
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Timber, Wood, Logs, Pallets
Offer ID: 790933

Similar Offers
Sawn Timber and logs available for sale
We are exporters/sellers of Hardwood Lumber, Logs and Timbers, Teak wood. We presently have cut timber ready for sale/export to any global destination/buyer. We also have standing forest for sale. Interested customer can contact us directly for the offer....Details
Price : $200.00 ~ $300.00 Per Cubic Meter
FOB - Monrovia
Min. Order : 20 Cubic Meter
Payment Term : L/C

timber export inc    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 531278

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teak wood and Eucalyptus and agar wood
teak wood and Eucalyptus and agar wood...Details
Price : $100.00 ~ $1000.00 Per Ton
FOB - danang vieatnam
Min. Order : 1 Container
Payment Term : L/C

laogold export & import sole p ltd    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 456029

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kosso wood
Type: kosso Shape: Square Color: Yellow Brownish Length (cm): 15,20,30,40 *220-250cm*, Place of Origin: Nigeria...Details
Price : $12000.00 ~ $13000.00 Per Container
FOB - Apapa Port Lagos Nigeria
Min. Order : 2 Container
Payment Term : L/C

moddebi international limited    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 314461

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teck 35000f cfa soit 54,43 euro ...Details
Ivory Coast (Cote D`Ivoire)
Price : €229.00 ~ €275.00 Per Cubic Meter
FOB - Abidjan
Min. Order : 2000 Cubic Meter
Payment Term : L/C

cabinet akoman    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 329899

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These are very qualitative wood pellet from the best brown wood (SAPELE) in Cameroon. They have very small hash production, low moisture, good composure and are of excellent burning quality....Details
Price : $100.00 ~ $170.00 Per Ton
Min. Order : 10 Ton
Payment Term : L/C

rechauffer le monde    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 311541

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saw wood sizes
we have different sizes of teak wood sizes are ready at our godown for selling we can give any sizes...Details
Price : $15.00 ~ $30.00 Per Cubic Feet
FOB - chennai
Min. Order : 2 Container
Payment Term : L/C

mayur timber    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 297542

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Acacia Mangium
Acacia Mangium. Base on your requirement. ...Details
Price : $127.00 ~ $135.00 Per Ton
FOB - Da nang
Min. Order : 1 Container
Payment Term : L/C

Standard Member    
Offer ID: 234056

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We are a trading company specialized in wood products.We deal with woods such as mahogany, bobbing etc.We are very ready to supply you with any of this products. We look forward to welcome everyone. ...Details
Price : $300.00 ~ $320.00 Per Cubic Meter
Min. Order : 300 Cubic Meter
Payment Term : L/C

tema resources    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 201636

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We are A Company that Sells Narra and Mahogany wood Planks. Sizes will depend on the requirement of the Buyer. Please contact anytime....Details
Price : $1.00 ~ $10.00 Per Square Feet
Min. Order : 1000 Square Feet
Payment Term : Money Gram

the red wood    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 182449

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Pine Logs - K Grade
We also can produce special requirements. Please feel free to contact us for more information. We welcome all serious buyers to ask for quotation....Details
Price : $300.00 ~ $500.00 Per Cubic Meter
FOB - douala port
Min. Order : 20 Cubic Meter
Payment Term : T/T

prince wood holdings    
Standard Member    
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  Timber, Wood, Logs, Pallets  
Product Name Price Country Company Date Contact & Details
sawn timber and lo.. $200.00 Liberia timber export inc 13-Feb-2019
teak wood and euca.. $100.00 Laos laogold export & import sole.. 17-Jul-2014
kosso wood $12,000.00 Nigeria moddebi international limited 17-Apr-2014
teck €229.00 Ivory Coast (Cote D`Ivoire) cabinet akoman 22-Feb-2014
brown wood pellets $100.00 Cameroon rechauffer le monde 10-Nov-2013
saw wood sizes $15.00 India mayur timber 07-Oct-2013
acacia mangium $127.00 Vietnam vinatrancosaigon 18-Sep-2013
logs and sawn wood $300.00 Togo tema resources 30-Jun-2013
mahogany and narra $1.00 Philippines the red wood 26-Apr-2013
pine logs - k grade $300.00 Cameroon prince wood holdings 01-Mar-2013
teak logs $400.00 Ghana rana & sons ltd 09-Jul-2012
balau round log $400.00 Vietnam nice wood company limited 25-Jun-2012
yellow balau round.. $380.00 Vietnam nice wood company limited 25-Jun-2012
iroko €300.00 Cameroon source co ltd 09-Jun-2012
mahogany €300.00 Cameroon source co ltd 09-Jun-2012
bobinga €300.00 Cameroon source co ltd 09-Jun-2012
padoak €300.00 Cameroon source co ltd 09-Jun-2012
hardwood logs or l.. $301.00 South Africa basoc enterprise wood service. 25-Mar-2012
certified woods   Spain casa belga distribuci├ún 31-Mar-2018
braziliam woods   Brazil trade corporate 05-Jul-2013
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