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Electrical Equipment, Part & Accessories
Latest Offers : led wall lights - CHI , LED T8 Light - CHI , Mobile phone .. - CHI , auto-darkenin.. - CHI , Colorful Sand.. - CHI , fiber laser m.. - CHI , LED display s.. - CHI , cable tray /c.. - CHI , uV LED curing.. - DEN , battery conne.. - CHI , Small Cabin V.. - TAI , dc ac inverte.. - CHI , Carving machi.. - CHI , Combiflex Lug.. - SAU , submersible p.. - IND , 5 kw silent d.. - CHI , ceiling fan, .. - IND , Power Plant -.. - MALAY , glass insulator - CHI , heat shrinkab.. - CHI

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Batteries & Parts
» 1. 4v zinc air hearing cell
» 1.55v silver oxide button battery sr44/303/357/sg13
» 1/2aaaa & aaaa alkaline battery
» 12 volt solar panel battery charger 1.5 w
» 1200mah battery pack for psp2000
» 1200mah rechargeable battery 3.7v for ndsl
» 12v 185ah heavy duty deep cycle battery
» 12v 2ah rechargeable battery
» 12v 70a automobile battery
» 12v auto battery
» 12v gel battery
» 12v motorcycle battery
» 12v7ah rechargeable battery
» 150w solar module
» 16000mah external rechargeable battery pack for psp
» 1800mah rechargeable battery pack
» 20 watt solar panels
» 2in1 battery cover for play station
» 3.0v lithium button cells
» 3.6v li button cell
» 3.6v rechargeable lithium button cells
» 3.7v 750mah 14500 / aa size li-ion cell
» 3000mah battery pack 3.6v for psp
» 3600mah battery for wii
» 3600mah battery pack for psp
» 3600mah rechargeable battery for wii
» 3800mah battery pack
» 3v lithium button cell cr1616
» 3v lithium button cells (cr)
» 3v lithium rechargeable button cell
» 40 watts solar panel
» 6.6ah mini battery
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Batteries & Parts
Offer ID: 785711

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led wall lights
led wall lights.We are professional in Spot light industry....Details
Price : $1.00 ~ $10.00 Per Unit
FOB - zhejiang province
Min. Order : 100 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

shaoxing yuexing lighting co.,ltd    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 785672

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LED T8 Light
LED T8 Light. ...Details
Price : $100.00 ~ $150.00 Per Unit
FOB - linan
Min. Order : 200 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

lin' an hengdeli lighting electric co., ltd    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 785661

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Mobile phone cable
Mobile phone USB cable....Details
Price : $2.00 ~ $3.00 Per Unit
Min. Order : 500 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

guangzhou zhongtian electronics co. ltd    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 785618

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auto-darkening helmet
auto-darkening helmet....Details
Price : $10.00 ~ $100.00 Per Unit
FOB - china
Min. Order : 1 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

zhejiang lixiang welding equipment co.,ltd.    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 785471

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Colorful Sand Roofing Tile
China Roofing Tiles Manufacturers, Metal / Villa Tiles Suppliers....Details
Price : $1.00 ~ $6.00 Per Unit
FOB - Colorful Sand Roofing Tile
Min. Order : 1 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

zhejiang dingzhen building materials technology co., ltd    
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Offer ID: 785395

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fiber laser marking machine 20w
20w 30w fiber laser marking machine for stainless steel gold silver copper aluminum, metal tags laser printer, fiber laser engraver for ring....Details
Price : $2250.00 ~ $2900.00 Per Unit
FOB - Qingdao
Min. Order : 1 Unit
Payment Term : T/T

jinan gold mark cnc machinery co.,ltd    
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Offer ID: 784961

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LED display screen
led poster. p2/p2.5/p3....Details
Price : $800.00 ~ $1200.00 Per Square Meter
FOB - shenzhen
Min. Order : 3 Square Meter
Payment Term : T/T

uhled co. ltd.    
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Offer ID: 784606

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cable tray /cable trunking /wire mesh cable tray
surface treatment: galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, power coated, fireproof. used in construction and mansion etc. ...Details
Price : $1.00 ~ $30.00 Per Meter
FOB - shanghai
Min. Order : 10 Meter
Payment Term : T/T

shnaghai xk building material company    
Standard Member    
Offer ID: 781383

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uV LED curing system
High quality UV LED Curing system. 5 years warranty, with longer working lifetime and lower curing temperature, ozone -free UV lamp....Details
Price : $100.00 ~ $1000.00 Per Unit
FOB - Allerd
Min. Order : 1 Unit
Payment Term : L/C

dpl industri a/s denmark    
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Offer ID: 782812

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battery connector pure nickel strip
The thickness and dimensions can be customized by customers....Details
Price : $35.00 ~ $50.00 Per Kilogram
FOB - Shenzhen
Min. Order : 5 Kilogram
Payment Term : T/T

bangteng hardware & electronic co., ltd.    
Standard Member    
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  Batteries & Parts  
Product Name Price Country Company Date Contact & Details
led wall lights $1.00 China shaoxing yuexing lighting co.. 16-Aug-2018
led t8 light $100.00 China lin' an hengdeli lighting el.. 16-Aug-2018
mobile phone cable $2.00 China guangzhou zhongtian electron.. 14-Aug-2018
auto-darkening hel.. $10.00 China zhejiang lixiang welding equ.. 14-Aug-2018
colorful sand roof.. $1.00 China zhejiang dingzhen building m.. 08-Aug-2018
fiber laser markin.. $2,250.00 China jinan gold mark cnc machiner.. 08-Aug-2018
led display screen $800.00 China uhled co. ltd. 30-Jul-2018
cable tray /cable .. $1.00 China shnaghai xk building materia.. 26-Jul-2018
uv led curing system $100.00 Denmark dpl industri a/s denmark 20-Jun-2018
battery connector .. $35.00 China bangteng hardware & electron.. 15-Jun-2018
small cabin versio.. $100.00 Taiwan new shine solarstock new ene.. 04-May-2018
dc ac inverter cha.. $100.00 China pocasa electronic co ltd 11-Feb-2018
carving machine wh.. $1.00 China jinan tiancheng machinery co.. 15-Jul-2014
combiflex lugs - 1.. $0.75 Saudi Arabia universal pioneer trading es.. 08-May-2014
submersible pump c.. $50.00 India kaizen electricals 30-Apr-2014
5 kw silent diesel.. $550.00 China fuzhou leading power co.,ltd 22-Apr-2014
ceiling fan, table.. $10.00 India anju electricals 30-Mar-2014
power plant - ther.. $1,000.00 Malaysia bm power plant sdn bhd 28-Feb-2014
glass insulator $6.50 China china machinery electric equ.. 25-Feb-2014
heat shrinkable sl.. $0.39 China suzhou jiuwei electric made .. 23-Feb-2014
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